"just us" session

I've dedicated myself to creating a just us session that reconnects married couples, giving them space to flirt, laugh, remember, make new memories and cherish each other.

These sessions are filled with little prompts that lead to laughter, remembering and new memories.

To really seeing each other again.
To soft, yet passion-filled kisses.
To finding those butterflies again.
Granted the pictures are beautiful, but the memories that compose those pictures? There aren't words

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I pour all of myself into the weddings we document. And I'm privileged to do this alongside my husband. And our couples? They become a part of our lives. Not just for a day. But forever.

Our wedding commissions begin at $3500. Capturing your story is so important to us that we accept weddings worldwide - whether you live in Atlanta, GA like us or happen to call another city home. We have loved documenting couples in Washington DC, Virginia, Kentucky, Chicago, New York and we would be happy to add your hometown or destination to our list - just as long as it means getting to know the real you.

We couldn't be more thrilled to know and document your story.


"just me" session

Email me for more information on Just Me Sessions.



I believe women are beautiful.The sad truth? We oftentimes don't realize it. Were afraid of it. We've been told directly or indirectly that we're just not. The bottom line? It's easy for us to believe that we are less than.

That's why I love my 'just me' sessions for women. I love when my clients see their images and their jaws drop. They had never been captured that way Whether she is a senior in high school, in the middle of their master's program, a mom taking some time for herself, a woman making a girls' day out with a group of friends or celebrating her 60th - I love documenting and celebrating beauty.

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